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Seamless Healthcare Coverage for Travel Nurses
Road Less Traveled

As a dedicated travel nurse, you embrace adventure and the chance to make a difference in new healthcare environments. But navigating the complexities of health insurance shouldn't hold you back. Traditional employer-sponsored plans often have limited networks, leaving you with gaps in coverage when you transition to new assignments across the country. Restricted access to in-network providers can create a frustrating experience when seeking routine care or encountering unexpected medical needs.

Explore new opportunities & deliver exceptional care with a nationwide PPO health insurance that travels with you!

Borderless Coverage

At Craven Insurance Advisors, we understand the unique needs of travel nurses. That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of Nationwide PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) health insurance plans personally designed to empower you to focus on what you do best – providing exceptional patient care.

Unmatched Network Flexibility

PPO plans offer access to a vast network of healthcare providers nationwide. This ensures you have a wide range of in-network options, regardless of your assignment location.

Continuity of Care

Maintain established relationships with trusted specialists or in-network providers you build rapport with during your assignments.

Predictable Out-of-Pocket Costs

Nationwide PPO plans offer clear cost structures, allowing you to budget effectively for healthcare expenses.

Beyond Medical

Health insurance plans go beyond just medical coverage. We offer additional benefits to promote your overall well-being.

Telehealth Services

Enjoy the convenience of virtual doctor consultations for minor illnesses or routine checkups, saving you valuable travel time.

Wellness Programs

Access valuable resources and tools to stay healthy and manage stress, a crucial aspect of a travel nurse's demanding lifestyle.

Mental Health Coverage

Prioritize your mental and emotional well-being with plans that include coverage for therapy and mental health services.

Why Partner With Us?

Choosing the right insurance partner is essential for your travel nurse journey.

Dedicated Specialists

Our team consists of experienced agents who understand the specific needs and challenges faced by travel nurses.

Personalized Coverage Options

We work closely with you to find the perfect PPO plan that fits your budget, desired level of coverage, and specific healthcare needs.

Seamless Transitions

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your health coverage seamlessly transitions with you as you embark on new assignments throughout the country.


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